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At City With Foundations Church, our mission is to make our people the most content on the face of the earth and our cities like heaven on earth.


Wealth Clinic Paterson (WCP) is designed to optimize the possibility of financial, professional, and overall success for the residents of Paterson, NJ and its environs. 


Our volunteers use diverse skills and experiences to keep this vision alive and help as many individuals and families live their best lives now.

Lecture Room

Special live Events & Online classes

We provide solutions/career tracks that clients can register to be on. These broad categories are catered for through online classes/workshops. 

We also have our monthly WCP special events headlined by a guest speaker/facilitator who helps to bring a fresh perspective to our theme of the month.

Support Group

Spirits coaches assignment

All WCP clients that have gone through one of our tracks, successfully, are assigned a spirits coach of their own, who would be with them until they achieve success at the vision/life goals that were agreed upon when they signed up for WCP.

Creative Working

Spiritual incubator

The most crucial part of our work involves the incubation of actual projects that have come out of the work of the spirits coaches with each WCP client.

We ensure that all clients transform intangible aspirations into projects that will impact our city, nation, and the world at large and we provide ongoing virtual incubation until the first year anniversary of their graduation from their solution track classes.

Our partners

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